Artezanos Inc. is a third generation family owned and operated business dedicated to the production of high quality traditional handmade clay products & the development of innovative roofing products. 

During the escalating fuel costs of 2006-2008, ArteZanos re-designed their sustainable handmade clay roof tile product to incorporate the use of Renewable Solar Energy, Passive Energy Efficient Cool Roof Technology and Green Vegetative Roofing. The Patented ArteZanos Universal Hybrid Roof Tile System is light-weight (approximately 400 lbs. per 100 sq ft) and has been simplified for easy low cost installation while removing the traditional market barriers to solar without sacrificing aesthetics

The ArteZanos Hybrid System can be used on historical buildings as well as new construction and re-roofing. A new advantage would be the use of the ArteZanos Hybrid System as a retro-fit over existing asphalt shingles for a solar upgrade that would enhance aesthetics, "R" value and wind resistance while circumventing demolition costs.

Until December 31 , 2019, taxpayers will qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on the entire cost of a solar integrated roof with no cap limitation as per IRS Form 5695. The ArteZanos Hybrid System has both Solar PV & Solar Thermal options. The ArteZanos Hybrid Roof Tile System doubles as a "Solar Hot Water Collector" as it is FSEC Ccertified by the Florida Solar Energy Center. A tax payer may claim the 30% fed tax credit with an ArteZanos Hybrid Solar Integrated System. This 30% fed tax credit is on the entire cost of the roof improvement as it doubles as a solar product.

Utilizing the Patented Artezanos Hybrid Metal Pans, one can experience unlimited design versatility by using any other manufactured clay, concrete or composite profiled roof tile. This "Universal" feature facilitates the integration of Solar PV technology creating a standard for scaling the solar market without unsightly racks and invasive roof penetrations.

Simply put, ArteZanos has found a way to create a 100 year life, light-weight, recyclable, modular roof tile product that offers stunning curb appeal of any traditional "profiled" roof tile systems while seamlessly integrating stealth/low visual impact solar renewable technology.



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