Solar Integration

T.I.P.V systems are more practical and economic in their approach to solar integration because they offset installation and material costs by merging tile roofing with solar technology. Artezanos Solar T.I.P.V. is reversed engineered to accommodate almost all solar technology without the support racks and penetrations to the roof's substrate. This non-penetrating integration method allows one to choose from a larger selection of solar technologies that become economic by economies of scale. Other B.I.P.V. and T.I.P.V. system solutions rely on custom made components designed to market a specific manufacturer's product or roof tile driving up the total balance of system cost

Artezanos  is working to make T.I.P.V  affordable and roofer friendly by removing  traditional barriers to the market. We are currently working with shiek frameless silicon panels and the latest thin film technology. The Artezanos Hybrid System is a sustainable and energy efficient system that is ideal for the solar integrated investment.

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